Coming 2/14/2024 (HOPEFULLY) - We're bringing flowers back into the old flower barn!

Coming 2/14/2024 (HOPEFULLY) - We're bringing flowers back into the old flower barn!

Flowers are coming back to the old flower barn on route 31 in Gasport, NY. In the 80s and 90s this place was a bumpin' florist shop. It has sat vacant for a few years, and I had the opportunity to lease out one side of the barn - so I took it! 

Right now, we are renovating (repainting, new lights, patching holes in the walls, etc). We're going to have some small gifts in there for customers to come in, browse, and shop. We will also meet with our clients in this space and host classes there. 

We’re so excited - We are hoping to be open and fully functioning for Valentine’s Day, 2/14/2024. 

After we officially open, our store hours will vary and will be by appointment only except for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day because I will be flower farming and doing weddings and events on the weekends. If only I had 2 clones of myself!

(Once we see how things are going with the business, we will consider adding part time employees to get the shop open more regularly.)

In the future, we plan to have more regular business hours. They will be listed on our front door each week. If you need flowers and our friends at Vintage Roots and Cowboy Boots are here, you can ask to see what is in stock!

Our phones are always open during regular business hours, feel free to call us at 716-236-8346 anytime so we can help!

Thank you for your amazing support and understanding as we continue to grow!

Allison Keitz, Owner of B’s Flowers

the old flower barn, gasport ny


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