Meet Allie Keitz - Owner, Designer, and Flower Farmer

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My story, how I got into flowers, and why

After being unsure of my life's purpose for seven years after graduating from physician assistant school, I hit a point in my life where I was really unhappy. At that time, I had a newborn baby so I was learning how to be a mom, and I was learning a new medical specialty. On top of that, I worked strange hours, wasn't sleeping, and felt quite stressed by my job. 

Everything came to a head. I was overwhelmed, and I simply sat on the kitchen floor crying for what I would describe as "no reason", but when reflecting on that now, it was clear there were so many reasons why I sobbed. I cried for the lack of my happiness, I cried for the challenges of new motherhood, and I cried to make up for the times that I had to bottle everything up and act fine. The sadness poured out of me, and I felt broken. 

My husband walked in on me sobbing, and he kindly said, "You can stay at your job, or you can leave. It's just a job, right? It's clear to me what you need to do." 

So the next week, I quit my job. I was so ashamed and worried about what everyone would think of me. The inner nay-sayer in my mind was repeatedly going, "She quit to do what? Threw away that shiny career for flowers?". But at that point in my life, I couldn't worry about that, and I had to do it for me. 

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I've always loved flowers, and the love grew more over the years. During my days as a medical provider, I started dreaming of being an entrepreneur and a farmer-florist. I longed for a place where I could be happy and love the work that I did. I found myself gardening for hours and not realizing the time had passed. I didn't feel pressured, stressed, or overwhelmed in the gardens. I only felt excitement and love as I gardened. I was never looked down upon or judged for not knowing the perfect and best answers. There were no high expectations of me in the gardens, and I was at peace with the flowers.

I went to the town hall and started my business, B's Flowers. I didn't know what I was going to do with flowers, but I knew in my heart it was the path I needed to walk down. I named my business B's Flowers after my son, Brian. I needed it to be named something that I didn't easily give up on. 

I am finally doing the work I love, and I can say I go to work happy and leave work happy. Much thanks to my husband, Bryan. He is my rock. Much thanks to my mother, Julie, who never judged me for changing careers and has been a tremendous supporter of me since day one. 



Read more about Allie's career journey by clicking on Portfolio and selecting "From Physician Assistant to Farmer-Florist and Entrepreneur: My Journey".

More About B's Flowers

Floral design is our passion at B's Flowers. We are a full service florist business established in December of 2022. We grow some of our own flowers during the warm WNY months and love seeing a gorgeous flower bloom from a tiny seed. We deliver flowers for everyday occasions, we LOVE designing modern wedding florals, and we host workshops so you can get your hands on flowers and design with us. Our small flower farm and studio are located in Gasport, NY.

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Allie's Floral Experiences

Allie has had mentorships with flower farmer, floral designer, and owner of Flowerwell, Jenny Rae Siplo, to learn more about flower farming. Allie has also worked alongside floral designer and owner of Beck and Forth Co, Sara Spoth, to learn about floral mechanics and large scale wedding installations. In addition, Allie freelanced for Wildroot Floral in Buffalo, NY to learn the operational aspects of a brick and mortar flower shop.

She toured Trademarks Flower farm in August of 2023 to learn about greenhouse grown flowers and is an active member of the ASCFG (Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers). 

Allie continually educates herself on flower farming, business management, and floral design through various programs and resources. She has completed Floret's 2024 online workshop, a comprehensive course about flower growing, harvesting, and sharing cut flowers.

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