About and Experience

About B's Flowers

B's Flowers is a full service florist business located in Gasport, NY owned and operated by Allison Keitz. We grow some of our own flowers because we're passionate for growing. It means so much to give someone the beauty that was started from a tiny seed. 

We deliver flower arrangements and supply flowers for events and special occasions.

We love to think outside the box and create unique arrangements for our customers, and we pay attention to every detail. 

How B's Got Started

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Allie Keitz is a flower farmer, floral designer, and the owner of B’s Flowers. In December of 2022, she started B's Flowers to pursue her passion for flowers. B's Flowers is named after her son, Brian. After graduating with her master's degree from Daemen University in 2016, she practiced medicine as a physician assistant prior to starting B's Flowers.

Floral Experiences

Allie has had mentorship with flower farmer, floral designer, and owner of Flowerwell, Jenny Rae Siplo, to learn more about flower farming. Allie has also worked alongside floral designer and owner of Beck and Forth Co, Sara Spoth, to learn about floral mechanics and large scale wedding installations. In addition, Allie freelanced for Wildroot Floral in Buffalo, NY to learn the operational aspects of a brick and mortar flower shop.

She toured Trademarks Flower farm in August of 2023 to learn about greenhouse grown flowers and is an active member of the ASCFG (Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers). 

Allie continually educates herself on flower farming, business management, and floral design through various programs and resources. She is currently enrolled in Floret's 2024 online workshop, a comprehensive course about flower growing, harvesting, and sharing cut flowers.

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More About Allie

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I've always had an artistic eye for colors and florals. I also enjoy nature and did well in art classes as a child and teen. One of my hobbies used to be oil painting nature subjects. 

I knew I wanted to do something in the science field back in 2011. I chose to go to Daemen University to become a physician assistant. Being a florist, business owner, or going into agriculture never crossed my mind at the time. Then I had my son in 2022 - a "game changer"! A good one though. 

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I wanted more flexibility with my schedule after having my son and working as a physician assistant was not the best option. After COVID hit, I started feeling a little burned out working in the medical field. I've always loved flowers, and the love grew more over the years. I started dreaming of being an entrepreneur and a farmer-florist. My late grandfather was a successful entrepreneur, and my husband, Bryan, also successfully operates his own business. 

Bryan was always very encouraging and really pushed me to pursue starting my florist business. I started networking, taking business classes online, investing, and educating myself about the floral industry. 

When I say we have a small scale flower farm, we're talking 1/4th - 1/8th of an acre at most in Gasport. As my business grows, there is a possibility to expand to farming on the 45 acre plot of family owned land located in Orleans County, NY. We will see where I end up. 

Regardless of where my flower business goes, I'm happy to be on this exciting journey. Thanks for joining me here, and I encourage all to pursue what truly makes them happy in life. You never know!