Wedding and Event Flowers

Here at B's Flowers, we are passionate for floral design using unique and beautiful flowers. We even grow some of our own flowers for our brides. You can choose between full service and a la carte flowers. See the details below!

Full Service Wedding Flowers

Full service weddings involve any kind of installation at the venue (arbors, signage, or anything that the florist is needed to put together at the venue). We deliver the flowers to the venue and bridal parties. The full service wedding is very detail oriented and specific.

B's Flowers full service wedding minimum investment is $3,000.

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A La Carte Wedding Flowers

A la carte involves ordering flowers and picking the flowers up at the flower shop in Gasport, NY. We are happy to deliver for an additional fee. A la carte is simpler and more streamlined, and you are ordering items compared to hiring us for the full service. We do not set anything up or do any type of installation with a la carte. This is best for a bride with a lower budget but he or she wants beautiful flowers from us. The bride is flexible and open minded with the seasonality of flowers as we tend to use flowers that are in season at the time of the wedding.

B's Flowers a la carte minimum investment is $800.

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Flower Tattoo Stickers

Flower Tattoos (Stickers) 

Flower Tattoo Stickers

Flower tattoos are a new age and fun way to replace the old school corsage. Dance and sweat proof! 

KT tape brand (athletic tape) stickers adhere directly to the skin. They can be placed anywhere on the body, and they last for the duration of the event or one day.

Ditch the traditional corsage and try a tattoo sticker for prom, weddings, bachelorette, birthday celebrations, or a special night on the town.

Starting at $35

Wear them on the wrist, ankle, collar bone area or where ever. 

Standard size is 2 inches wide by 5 inches long. They are cut to have a narrowed start and end. Custom orders at different lengths are available.